Hello, I’m the girl behind the Adofo. co. My name is Nada and My Father calls me Node.

I am 24 years old Muslim girl from Egypt.

My photo

I graduated from the faculty of Education English section.

I am a friendly person who loves taking photos with her phone and smelling flowers.

My favorite part of the day is watching the sunset with a hot cup of tea in my hand and smelling the flowers on my balcony and chilling with my Mom. -The best feeling in the world-

I started this blog to help people

who want to start a blog, how to make money from it in the right way. and what to do and what not to do in 2022 as things changed from 2015.

But what does Adofo mean?

Adofo is an ancient Egyptian name that means “Fighter”. And I picked this name to remind myself and my reader to be brave and keep fighting for their dreams and never give up!

Do not hesitate to send an email if you want to collaborate or have a question!

Love You all!